Wednesday, 25 January 2012

3D Video Mapping Projection

I saw a video like this from an event in sydney a while back. Have started to think about doing something along these lines with my elevation. Maybe using projectors activated by pressure pads in the street at key locations.

NuFormer, 3D video mapping projection - Live performance in Zierikzee, the Netherlands - 2009 from NuFormer on Vimeo.

There's some pretty cool stuff on here

Friday, 20 January 2012

Ground Floor

The ground floor is intended to be an extension of the high street. The facade extends into the pavement area and parts of the facade retract into the building. This is intended to break down the barrier that exists with the new buildings that are being constructed on the high street that have such solid divides between their interior and the external high street. The ground floor will also be an unheated space, as will all the circulation within the building, open externally, but protected from rain. This will reduce the energy load on the building - making it easier to power it by human movement.


The circulation inside the building will be formed from temporary walkways that sit on top of the super structure. Service runs and lighting will be accommodated within the walkways.

Thursday, 19 January 2012

Venue Structure

The Venue is intended as a flexible space. The shell will be constructed in concrete and insulated to reduced the sound escaping from the venue into the surrounding residences.
The internal walls of the venue will be clad with perforated structural panels that will provide a support for temporary structures within the venue [and improve the accoustics of the venue], such as temporary seating, raised platforms, stages, lighting rigs etc. The venue can be used as a triple height void space or several levels of tiered seating could be installed. the wall of the venue facing the pods will be punctured at regular intervals. The punctured holes will be infilled with removable wall panels [ that can be removed to provide access to different levels of the venue when temporary structures are in place internally.

Frame Work Structure for the Pods

I have been playing around with a structure for the pods to sit in. The idea is that the super structure is a permanent installation on the site but the pods that sit within it will be independant structures manufactured from salvaged objects. The circulation will hang from the super structure. In the future the pods and circulation can be reconfigured to suit the users.

Thursday, 5 January 2012


A few books I'm in the process of reading for my essay. Have got through most of them. Subjects include: eadweard muybridge, instantaneous photography, marey, duchamp, futurist art, deleuze, choreutics, labanotation and mocap.

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Movement Research

I managed to get a bit of time off to do some 'movement research' for a couple of days over christmas, aka having fun. Only a couple of days though...

January Portfolio Review

Have drawn a line under the portfolio for now, need to crack on with some essay writing but here's how far I've got over christmas.

Y1 Chris Kelly January Portfolio