Friday, 5 October 2012


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Monday, 1 October 2012

Chemical Brother's Star Guitar Chronogram

From watching the Star Guitar video I found the chronogram task a bit tricky. Usually with chronograms it is the relationship between the movement of the camera, the movement of the subject and the spaces they are in but with this one the camera doesn't move - it is stationary on the 'train'. The space of the train is implied but doesn't actually existing and the landscape that moves past the train is just a series of layered planes put together in after effects.

I started by trying to build up one of the scenes from separate images as I thought it would have been built originally. I set this up so from the perspective of the camera within the train the scene looks believable but as you reach the sides of the images, past the field of view of the camera the layers start to break down. I then mapped out the objects in plan form to create what resembles a musical score as each of the elements relates to part of the song and lands on certain beats. This hasn't come across particularly obviously in the drawing though. The drawing is also only a snapshot of what the whole chronogram would be.

I might carry on and add some text onto the chronogram but I'm having a bit of an overlap between summer freelance work and starting back at uni so I'm trying to juggle the two at the moment.